ECI carries all types of replacement filters, parts, and accessories for your dust collection equipment. Most filters are in stock and ready to ship next day. 

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​We provide the following replacement filters - 

Powercore Replacement Packs 

Cartridge Filters

Bag Filters

Pleated Bag Filters 

Panel Filters

HEPA Filters 

​Replacement Parts 

Dust Collector Accessories 

Easy Duct - A clamp together ducting system 

TBI FANS- Direct mounted fans 

RBO / RBA FANS - Ground level fans for larger airflow requirements

Rotary Valves - Rotary Air Lock 

Auto-Lok - After filter housing system

Ultra-Lok - After filter housing system

Electrical Control

Motor Stater - Fan start / stop controls 

Delta P and Delta P+ Controls -  Pulse Cleaning Digital Controller

Electrical Control Panels and VFD's - All In One UL Listed Controls

Explosion Protection Systems and Solutions   

Before we provide any recommendations it is important to know many fumes and dusts are combustible. Operations generating or handling fumes and dusts can require special mitigation efforts to minimize fire and explosion risks. Standards such as NFPA 654 can provide guidance for those who generate and handle these types of dusts. 

Do you know the KST value of your dust? Did you know OSHA has been enforcing a National Emphasis Program (NEP) on companies not complying to current standard on combustible dusts

Any dust with a KST greater than 1 is considered explosive. There is little margine of error when it comes to worker safety and protection. ECI can provide KST Dust testing services for you to see what type of mitagation strategies you may need to take for your existing or new dust collection system. It's also important to know older dust collection systems are not grandfathered in and must comply to NFPA guidelines. 

NRV - Explosion isolation valve - also known as a no return valve is designed to protect your facility and employees by preventing an explosion within a dust collection system from going back into the work space. The NRV is located on the dirty side of the dust collection system. Contact us to learn more about the NRV - Explosion Isolation Valve. 

​High Speed Abort Gate - Required on outdoor woodworking dust collection systems and other potential hazardous dust collection systems when the air is recirculated back into the building. The abort gate is located on the return air / clean air side of the dust collection system. The high speed abort gate protects your facility and employees from a potential explosion. 

Spark Detection and Suppression Systems - Typically installed on woodworking dust collection systems. A spark detection and suppression system is made up of the following components. A control panel, detector senors, and a extinguishing system. A sensor is placed upstream in the duct work to detect a possible amber. A signal is sent to the control panel to activate the fire extinguisher nozzle downstream before the amber reaches the dust collection system. The most common type of systems have water connections however, other extinguishing agents are available. The control panel will also provide an alarm and strobe when the spark detection system is activated. The high speed abort gate can also be tied in to the spark detection system control panel. 

Chemical Detection and Suppression Systems - When dust collection systems are installed indoors with hazardous dusts, the only solution may be to provide a chemical detection and suppression system. These systems are typically used on pharmaceutical applications. Routine maintenance is required to keep these system up to date and functioning.

Eplosion Vents - Depending on the KST results, standard explosion vents may not suffice and we will have to supply larger vents for your dust collection system. We also can supply replacement explosion vents for just about any dust collection system. 

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